We Highly Recommend J.W. Kothmann Enterprises

Jim Kothmann built our new home in 2013 and we couldn’t possibly have had a better experience! He was extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, trustworthy, and reliable. From the beginning he was completely upfront about all costs—-all the way from the slab to the cabinet knobs—-so there were never any surprises regarding expense. The quality of work was superb—–we have been living in this house for almost three years and have had no problems at all. Jim was always on-site during the building process and was constantly in contact with his subs, who were of the highest quality and who definitely seemed to have a great working relationship with him. He made it his job to put the client first, and if there was something in particular we wanted in our new home, he did his best to make it happen. He was always accessible and very pleasant to work with, even when confronted with last-minute changes! He made the process of building a home as stress-free as possible for his clients. We HIGHLY recommend JW Kothmann Enterprises.

I Love My New Home

  • My house was totally remodeled in 2014. J. W. Kothmann Enterprises Inc. was the contractor and the work was done in a professional manner with my needs being met along the way. The remodeling of a home in the hill country could have taken much longer, but Jim was always on the job, providing subcontractors, as well as his experience and expertise.

    I was not on site for most of the remodeling. Jim would call and check in regularly. He would always give me plenty of time to come to the property to make decisions and meet the subs. All were professional in their work and appearance. He made certain all areas were cleaned before the work day ended. I have made a new friend and I look forward to working with Jim again. I love my “new” home and I know it is because of J. W. Kothmann that it has all been possible.